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When we first moved to Albuquerque in the mid 70's, we were told that the city had an "unlimited" supply of water in an underground aquifer. Then in the 90's we were stunned to read that a USGS study found that we were depleting Rio Grandeour aquifer at a much faster rate than it was being replenished. AND to put a further strain on this valuable resource, our population has obviously increased signficantly since those early days...using more and more water. Visit the CABQ site to learn more. Mayor Martin J. Chávez accepted the 2006 World Leadership Award for Sustainable Water Management planning on behalf of Albuquerque citizens and their efforts toward water conservation.

We live in the desert and we love it. We have been so blessed with the rain we have had last year courtesy of El Niño. Still we all know how precious water is in our community. There have been many years where we were very tempted to do a rain dance in hopes of a little drought relief.

Ever the optimists, we would like to believe that Climate Change might mean MORE rainPhoto by Pamela for our part of the country, however, both Jonathan Overpeck, UA and Dr David Gutzler, UNM stressed at the Governor's 4th Annual Drought Summit that the southwest would experience increased droughts, flooding and fires with increasing temperatures. Of course, reduced snowpack impacts our water supplies.

According to CLIMAS (providing short term climate forecasting for the Southwest), "The monsoon rains have brought some drought relief to the Southwest, but the relief is likely to be temporary due to long-term moisture deficits."

Whatever our future holds, we realize that conservation and good water policies are critical to our well-being and quality of life.

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