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Taking Challenges and Turning them into Opportunities.


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There are so many good reasons to save energy. We have discussed Climate Change, national security concerns/energy independence, and increasing energy prices.

Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines has recently pledged to Whirlygigsinvest the next 10 years' profits from his Virgin Group's airline and train businesses in renewable energy initiatives. The company estimated the commitment was worth about three billion dollars.

Former President Bill Clinton unveiled the creation of a one-billion-dollar "green fund" to support renewable energy initiatives. The fund was launched by a partnership between businessmen Stephen Bing, Ron Burkle and Vinod Khosla and a former World Bank president, James Wolfensohn.

Our state and local officials have shown real leadership and have made New Mexico one of the states that is at the forefront of energy efficiency.

Progress is being made and we appreciate your efforts on this important issue as WE have the power to make the biggest difference.

it's about solutions...

At Sustainable ABQ, we recognize the formidable challenges facing our world today, but rather than ignoring them, we are committed to addressing them head on. With both easy and difficult personal changes, we can significantly improve the outcome. Luckily, many of these changes will have a positive impact across the whole spectrum of challenges. We are excited to have you join us.

Sustainability for our community entails solutions for:

  • maintaining our community energy needs through conservation and alternative energy sources
  • maintaining adequate community water supplies through conservation and innovation and
  • preserving our local economy and food supply by buying locally.