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We have a beautiful city in a beautiful state. And then there's work, shopping, concerts, school and more. With high gas prices and the potential for them to go even higher due to PEAK Oil, plus Climate Change considerations like CO2 emissions, we are all beginning to understand the advantages of fuel efficiency, alternative fuels and alternative modes of transportation.

A recent story in the NewMexican.com by Andy Lenderman says " Gasoline shortages and even higher prices loom, a new government report says, and it will take decades and trillions of dollars to replace American dependence on foreign oil."


Conserving gas (Win-Win):

  • Helps bring down prices (demand)
  • Keeps us out of resource conflicts in areas of the world that are not particularly friendly
  • Brings down our CO2 greenhouse gas emissions that could slow Climate Change
  • Gives us more time to develop alternative energy resources by lenthening the PEAK Oil supply curve.

It is time to make a difference. Check out our Tips for Conserving Gas, as well as Fuel Efficient Cars and Alternative Transportation.

Background News

The Rainwater Prophecy By OLIVER RYAN(FORTUNE Magazine)
Richard Rainwater made billions by knowing how to PROFIT FROM A CRISIS. Now he foresees the biggest one yet.
December 26, 2005
Rainwater is something of a behind-the-scenes type--at least as far as alpha-male billionaires go. He counts President Bush as a personal friend but dislikes politics, and frankly, when he gets worked up, he says some pretty far-out things that could easily be taken out of context. Such as: An economic tsunami is about to hit the global economy as the world runs out of oil. Or a coalition of communist and Islamic states may decide to stop selling their precious crude to Americans any day now. Or food shortages may soon hit the U.S. Or he read on a blog last night that there's this one gargantuan chunk of ice sitting on a precipice in Antarctica that, if it falls off, will raise sea levels worldwide by two feet--and it's getting closer to the edge.... And then he'll interrupt himself: "Look, I'm not predicting anything," he'll say. "That's when you get a little kooky-sounding." Fortune article on Richard Rainwater, read more....

Clean Tech Stocks ...

The coming revival in venture capital: 'Clean tech' will lead the way - The last three decades have oscillated between private equity and venture capital. Right now, VCs are down and private equity is up. But 'clean tech' -- technologies that save energy and otherwise allow for a cleaner, greener world -- could revive VCs in the next decade while private equity licks its wounds.


Want to know where the oil is coming from? See An assessment of world oil exports by Luís de Sousa with great graphs.

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