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Alternative Fuels, Alternative Ways to Get Around (Bus Schedules, Bike Trails, etc.)

According to a recent Journal poll, 73% of NM voters think Congress should increase the mileage standards for cars. You don't have to wait...

If you are looking for a new car, buy or lease the most fuel efficient car you can find. One of the best sources for choosing a vehicle that is right for you, is the government's Green Vehicle Guide. It rates cars/trucks on both MPG and also on emissions. Their size categories are a little strange. The BMW 325i and Volvo C70 are in the compact/subcompact category, while the Toyota Prius is in the Mid-sized group.


You can reorder the list alphabetically or search for a model that you are interested in. The Honda Insite and Toyota Prius are the top rated cars for both fuel efficiency and greenhouse gases. Yahoo's Green Cars is more fun and educational too!! Poll Finds 90 Percent Expect Much Higher Gas Prices Soon, Almost Half Now More Likely to Buy Hybrid or Other Fuel-Efficient Vehicle; Americans Want Washington to Help Big 3, But Don't Let Carmakers Off the Hook for Past Mistakes


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2006 Toyota Prius (review) ...

The 2006 Prius has consistently gotten 50-56MPG that was primarily ABQ city driving with an occasional road trip (Santa Fe). The Prius is a four door sedan and has plenty of room for four travelers with a larger back seat than our old '89 BMW 535i. There is a good sized trunk and the rear seat folds down for hauling larger items. The front end is low and would not be good for off-road traveling (boulders or large ruts), although it handled Corrales/Rio Ranchos's unpaved soft dirt roads reasonably well. While a hard rain was not a problem, snow or ice driving was not tested. It handles 80MPH easily and has good pickup for freeway ramp negotiations.

Important Note: Shop around for insurance. We went with a reasonable quote from Progressive. See Article. Ahhh no more lines at the emission station. MVD will give you a lifetime pass!!!

Have a review you would like to add, email us at mysuggestions@sustainableABQ.com.

Green Rental Car .... With the new Hertz Green Collection, you can reserve fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly cars that save money at the pump and do something good for the environment at the same time.  What's more, these vehicles are reservable by specific make and model, with an EPA highway fuel efficiency rating of 28 miles or more per gallon. 


alternative fuels:

As put forth by Tim Leuliette, January 19, 2005 in his article, "The Drug Our Society Is Hooked On Is Oil", " First, we must find an alternative energy source for national security reasons. Second, we must find an alternative energy source for environmental reasons. And third, we must find an alternative fuel source for fundamental long-term economic reasons. How you rank these reasons is your own concern, but the answer doesn’t change."

The official government definition of an alternative fuel is: ethanol (mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline), Bio-diesel, liquefied natural gas, propane, battery electric power, hybrid-electrics and hydrogen cell technology.

Want to know more about hybrid technology? Try Gas and Electric: Understanding Hybrid Cars or Green Student U which discusses various alternatives via links.

city and state efforts towards alternative fuels ...

from the Alternative Fuels Data Center:
In 1994, the City of Albuquerque joined with the Department of Energy Clean Cities program, which develops public/private partnerships to promote alternative fuels and vehicles, fuel blends, fuel economy, hybrid vehicles, and idle reduction. The New Mexico chapter of Clean Cities is called the Land of Enchantment Clean Cities Corridor. The coordinator is Mike Minturn: loecleancities@comcast.net 505-821-3829 / 505-821-3903. Albuquerque has adopted policies that mandate the city fleet must be fueled with a minimum of 20% non-petroleum based fuels within 5 years. (R-05-329,2005)

By 2010, all NM cabinet-level state agencies and institutions of education are required to take action toward obtaining 15% of their total transportation fuel requirements from renewable fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. (Ref:EO 2005-049-,2005). The Rail Runner Express commuter train will begin running on biodiesel fuel, becoming one of the first commuter rail systems in the country to do so, according to state officials.

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