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Each American household averages about 21,600 pounds of carbon emissions per year and would need about 10 acres of trees just to absorb and offset their production.


Quote from Jason Marks, former PRC Commissioner, "By the way, while I acknowledge that it is within the realm of possibility that the climate change  skeptics are correct (and I actually hope they are), the consequences of unmitigated climate change are so catastrophic that I will not gamble our children’s future on today’s scientific thinking being wrong." Hear, hear!!!

2016: Warmest year on record

Most of us have heard about "global warming" by now or have seen the movie, An Inconvenient Truth. If not,watch this short video produced by ClimateChange.gov.UK (2 Min).

This website from the nature conservancy will calculate your carbon footprint.


"Carbon dioxide (CO2) traps heat that would otherwise radiate back out to space, thus causing the phenomenon we now know as global warming -- a phenomenon that will produce temperatures by century’s end higher than at any time since before the beginning of primate evolution. And to solve it? There’s really only one way, which is to reduce the amount of CO2 we produce. That is, burn less coal and oil and gas.

Which is why it’s not like the environmental problems we faced in the past. We can’t solve it with a new law or a catalytic converter on our tailpipe. We need to upend the entire way we go about powering our lives, which is to say upend our economies and daily habits." - Bill Kibben, American Prospect.

The atmospheric levels of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, have increased since pre-industrial times from 280 ppm to 404 ppm (2019 Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center), a 44% increase. Carbon dioxide levels are substantially higher now than at any time in the last 800,000 years, the latest study of ice drilled out of Antarctica confirms. Carbon dioxide is a by-product of the burning of fossil fuels, such as gasoline in an automobile or coal in a power plant generating electricity.

Dr. James Hansen, NASA's top climate scientist has warned that we have less than a decade to make a difference before hitting the "tipping point" where there will be irreversable changes. Since the late 1800's, the global average temperature has increased about 0.7 to 1.4 °F. Many experts estimate that the average temperature will rise an additional 2.5 to 10.4 °F by 2100.

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Climate Change ....

Changes that could occur as a result of temperature increases include: melting glaciers, rising seas, less snow pack in mountain areas that provides fresh water, changes in habitat, drought, lowered crop yields, endangered sea life, increased storm activity and more.

To make matters worse, thawing permafrost has been found to release methane gas that is 23 times more powerful than CO2 as a greenhouse (heat trapping) gas, setting up a vicious circle. Recent good news seems to indicate that methane levels are stabilizing.

Human Causes ...

A variety of human activities, including deforestation, agriculture, the burning of fossil fuels, and cement production produce carbon dioxide. Of these activities, fossil fuel combustion accounts for about 85% of the carbon dioxide production per year. "Coal combustion creates the largest amount of CO2 per energy unit of any fossil fuel. Coal and oil together represent 80% of the US fuel supply used to generate electricity. When we reduce electric power use, we save money, breathe cleaner air, and help to reduce the global warming problem." Johan Olsson

While, there is still some debate about this issue on the internet, most scientists blame - at least in part - fossil fuel burning and other human activities for global warming. Many of the scientists debunking climate change have ties to oil, gas and coal. We believe that for the sake of our kids and grandkids, it is important to make changes to reduce greenhouse gases NOW. We can't afford to take a chance. If ALL the scientists turn out to be wrong on this issue, reducing energy usage in our country will help lengthen our supply curve and reduce the risk of economic disaster. PLUS reducing our dependence on foreign sources of oil will give us more stability and facilitate national security. No matter what the reason, this seems to be a no-brainer. NO MORE DEBATE. It is time we do our part. Government will follow our lead.

Our Impact ....

Every kilowatt-hour of electricity saved keeps 1.5 to 2 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere. How many KWh's do you use every month? Check your PNM bills and graph your usage over a year or two. What is the average per month? 500 KWhs per month creates 750-1000 lbs of CO2. How much electricity could you save by turning off lights or a printer when not in use?

Each therm (gas heat) produces 11.7 pounds. Could you bring down that gas bill by setting the thermostat a little lower, adding insulation or stopping leaks?

Could you be more fuel efficient? Each gallon of gas burned produces 20 pounds of C02 for cars and 21 CO2pounds of C02 for trucks/vans. How many gallons do you use each month?

We were able to bring our summer KWH (electric) usage down from 575KWh to 440KWh by some simple ideas suggested by local energy expert, Alan Zelicoff, a savings of 243 pounds of carbon emissions/Mo. or 2,916 lbs/Yr. While still a small savings, imagine that number multiplied times 240,000+/- households in the Albuquerque metro area. WOW!

The average U.S. single family household generates about 80,000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year. Each pound of CO2 contains about .27 pounds of carbon. Thus, each American household averages about 21,600 pounds of carbon emissions per year and would need about 10 acres of trees just to absorb and offset their production.

News ...

Time Magazine's 51 Things you can do - Can one person slow global warming? Actually, yes. You—along with scientists, businesses and governments—can create paths to cut carbon emissions. Here is our guide to some of the planet's best ideas, with an assessment of their impact and feel—good factor.

Crude - The Incredible Journey of Oil - Excellent!!!!!!!

Democrats and Republicans Say Stop Funding Global Warming Doubters to Exxon Mobile - ExxonMobil should stop funding groups that have spread the idea that global warming is a myth and that try to influence policymakers to adopt that view, two senators said today in a letter to the oil company.

See our tips for Saving Energy and Gas and start making a difference today.

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